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HSCHW Demo Course is a Course

HSCHW Demo Course

Ended May 1, 2019

Full course description

This is a demo course for the MSM High School Community Health Worker (HSCHW) Training Pogram.  The full program offers 112 hours of classroom instruction with core competencies/skills, followed by 80 hours of field instruction and additional hours of continuing education. Continuing education will be monthly over 12 months and will be both new information and/or reinforcement of previous instruction (teleconferences, face-to-face instruction, workshops, etc.).

This demo course reviews Module 5 "Cultural Competency & Advocacy" of the full course.

The Objectives of the HS training program are to:

  • Increase the number of trained student community health workers to assist with community health programs in underserved communities
  • Provide a health careers pipeline program and mentorship for underserved students
  • Support & Promote the community Health worker field
  • Promote health education and health literacy in schools and community
  • Assist trained HS CHWs with the design and implementation of school-based and community-based health initiatives
  • Provide health monitoring and health literacy activities to students’ family members and community members
Please complete this survey if you are interested in the 2018 Program, which starts May 1st: