Full course description

Welcome! to the High School Community Health Workers Training Program learning management Site. During the 2018-19 program, we will use this site to post training information and communicate to students about training requirements. 

The Objectives of the HS training program are to:

  • Increase the number of trained student community health workers to assist with community health programs in underserved communities
  • Provide a health careers pipeline program and mentorship for underserved students
  • Support & Promote the community Health worker field
  • Promote health education and health literacy in schools and community
  • Assist trained HS CHWs with the design and implementation of school-based and community-based health initiatives
  • Provide health monitoring and health literacy activities to students’ family members and community members

The MSM Community Health Worker Training is 112 hours 2.5 weeks (104 hours) of classroom instruction with core competencies/skills, followed by 80 hours of field instruction and additional hours of continuing education. Continuing education will be monthly over 12 months and will be both new information and/or reinforcement of previous instruction (teleconferences, face-to-face instruction, workshops, etc.).